Thursday, 5 July 2012

I&E Bazaar: Fri, 20 July

Hello All,

Here are the details discussed for the I&E Bazaar this week. Please email me if there are any queries.

I&E Bazaar: Fri, 20 July
  • Set-up of tables: Thurs, 19 July
  • Set-up of equipment / stall: 1st shift on Fri, 20 July. 

Equipment, food items to be stored safely in classrooms or brought on event day. Students are responsible for their equipment, food stores, etc.
  • I&E Rep to collate orders for coupons using a class list by next week (9 to 13 July). 
  • Finance managers for each team / shift to collate orders of their members and collect money. All the cash to be passed to the I&E Rep before I&E lesson. (Min. $2/ booklet).
  • Coupons would be distributed to the I&E Rep on the day of the bazaar.
    Every item bought would need receipt (amount must be seen clearly). 
  • Items without receipts cannot be claimed.
    Venue: Food stalls in the canteen. Game stalls in the ISH.

Presentation of stall details next week by I&E Rep.

  • Content of slides to include: 
  • Product pictures, 
  • Price, 
  • Quantity to sell, 
  • Budgeted cost, 
  • Expected revenue and profit, 
  • Marketing strategies, 
  • Logistics
  • Details of shift: Names, Roles
Posters are allowed to be displayed at: Canteen, Atrium, ISH

Note: Final shift group will take charge of cleaning up.

5 Roles to be established:
1)     CEO – Leader, managing of the stalls, clearing up, decision making
2)    Finance Manager – Find out how many coupons class wants to buy, Manage coupons, collect money, need to know how much each student contributes, cost recovery (personal) is allowed only if there is profit.
3)    Marketing Manager – Advertise, How they want to market their products (to inform us first, describe how they want to do it)
4)    Production Manager – to source for items costing, packaging etc
5)    Operations Manager- Setting up of the store, logistics

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