Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I&E Bazaar - Fri, 20 July

Hello All,

There will be an I&E Bazaar for Sec 1 and 2s (in conjunction with Racial Harmony Day) on Fri, 20 July. (Sec 3 will be presenting cultural booths on that day). A cultural theme must be present to tie-in with Racial Harmony Day.

Objective: To apply entrepreneurship concepts to generate as much profit as possible.

Venues: Canteen, Indoor Sports Hall, Atrium

*Profits generated can be donated to: Food from the Heart.

First 4 I&E lessons in Term 3 will focus on the preparation process leading up to Bazaar.

Term 3 Week 1: Brain Storming / Discussion
  • Brain Storming / Discussion of stall ideas
  • Max of 2 stalls / class.
  • *By the end of the lesson, a write-up of the stall(s) must be submitted for approval.
  • Budget (Capital Outlay) capped at $200.00. Capital outlay > $200  
  • Cost recovery of capital outlay when profit is made.
  • Students are to raise their own funds.
  • Students need to produce original readable receipts as proof.
*Term 3 Week 2: Establishing Roles and Responsibilities

Chief Exec Officer / Finance Manager / Production Manager / Operations Manager /Marketing Manager

Term 3 Week 3: Preparations for Bazaar (e.g. posters, materials, packaging, etc...)

Term 3 Week 4: Preparations, Settling of Finance matters.

*More details during the I&E lesson.

Thank you,
Mr. Patrick Hiap

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