Thursday, 26 July 2012

Performance Task: Thurs, 26 July

 Hello S2-04,
  • In groups of 3, do the following and present it in a slide(s).
  • Decide on a product you want to sell (you can use the product from Term 2).
  • Set up a company to sell the product, think of a name and tagline for your company.
  • Think of the customers for your product, how it can offer superior value to your customers in terms of product benefits and experiences, and meet the customer needs. 
  • Post up to respective class I&E Blog. Date due: Day before next week’s I&E lesson. 
  • I&E Reps: Dawn-02, Enoch-04, JunWei-08, assist to remind your class groups.
In addition, kindly reply reply with your post-I&E Charity Bazaar reflections to this post:
1) What went well?
2) What could have been improved?

Suggested areas that you can focus on:
Planning phase / Execution phase / Roles <e.g. Logistics, Operations> / Target setting / Layout

Your replies should be between 80 to 100 words (per question).

Thank you!


  1. 1) I feel that what went well for us was the marketing and the profits made. These showed that we had the skill to attract customers using tactics such as: Yelling, screaming, major price cuts, and bundling products. I also feel that what went well was the distribution of tasks. This allows the stall to be efficient.

    2) What could have went better was **cough cough** the planning. I feel that everyone should have been given a chance to voice their opinions. I also feel that there should have been more market research as to whether the customers would accept our products. For example, we only managed to sell one or two of the oreo crushes and the ribena. Another way to improve was to better manage resources. We should have bought the oil and chocolates earlier, to prevent the fondue from hardening. Another way would be to better define our goals before hand. This would make us more organized and waste less time getting the stall to work. Ultimately, we still managed to pull through.

  2. Thanks, Klan... Valuable learning points mentioned... Pls help remind the rest to enter their remarks.

  3. What went well
    Overall, the bazaar store is a considered a success as we managed to make a profit and the jobs and tasks were well distributed between our classmates. Everyone also cooperated well, and did what they were supposed to do. The stall also portrayed the theme which is a french bistro. The bazaar store was also well planned. For example, price of the items, quantity to sell, budgeted cost, expected revenue and profit, marketing strategies and logistics were planned in detail before the actual day.

    What could be improved
    There were many places that could be improved. For example, while setting up the stall, we faced many challenges and difficulties. While making the Oreo milkshake and the chocolate fondue, there were many hiccups as we had to mix the components in a right proportion for the item to be made properly. While making the items, the components of it were not made in a correct proportion. As a result, the chocolate fondue dried up too quickly and the oreo milkshake did not turn out as expected.

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  5. Went well:
    - Cooperation
    - Customers

    Didn't go well:
    - People probably didn't realize that our stall was supposed to be french.
    - Table messy

  6. What went well
    We had good sales and made quite a lot of profit. There were people manning the store all the time and everyone did their part to help out.

    What could have been improved
    We could better products and a better quality of products. As a French Bistro, I felt that we did not have enough variety of food. I also felt that some of our products did not sell well also as they were not appealing and thus did not attract people

  7. What went well
    We were able to work together as a class to ensure the sales went smoothly.

    What could have been improved
    Handling any issues (electricity trip) that caused our customers to be unhappy.

  8. What went well?

    Personally, I was quite surprised at the profit of over a hundred dollars. This was much better than last year, where we barely managed to cover the cost. We were also able to sell most of our stock, for some of the items.

    What could have been improved?

    I think our advertising tactics could have been improved. We should have prepared and put up the posters a few days before the bazaar, so that more people would know that we have such a stall.

    Also, we could have gotten more reliable machines.

  9. What went well:
    We managed to find another power outlet and make the oreo crushes! We managed to improvise on the spot to help solve the problem at hand. We also managed to sell most of our desired items.
    Our crew was very committed as some people were making the oreo crushes for a very long time.

    What could have been improved:
    We could have organized our stall better as a lot of the items were on the floor. Also we should have prepared to crush the ice more. The chocolate was also an issue as it wasn't tested.
    Thus preparation would be important for future events like these.

  10. What went well?
    We made a profit, and our marketing on the face book group was quite good. We had a good poster and menu too.

    What could have been improved?
    We could have decided on a CEO for the CEO to handle the things going on. We should have given more detailed instructions about how to make the fondue and drinks. And the executioner could have been more careful before making the fondue. The electricity should have been flowing properly because the power kept tripping, resulting in us having to go the second level to blend our oreo crush.

  11. What went well?
    - We were able to make a profit this time compared to last year. We were also able to sell out most of our marshmallows and chocolate

    What could have been improved?
    -Choice of food
    -Oreo and other tidbits not sold at all

  12. What went well:
    Overall, the store was successful, not only with the profit, but the effort that everyone had put in.

    What could have been improved:
    There could be more people familiar with the technical sides of the store and experience with handling stores.

  13. 1) What went well
    We well able to come up with a solution when the power tripped. We went to the second floor where the power was working perfectly well. It allowed us to make more profit. With the power, our fondue machine and benders wouldn't work and we wouldn't be able to make any profit.

    2) What could be improved
    We were a little slow with the preparation and we faced difficulties such as the fondue machine choking. It took a lot of time for us to make the Ribena as we didn't know how much syrup to put. The Ribena was too diluted and we took a very long time to make it. Our preparation took up a lot of time and caused a few customers to want refund.

  14. What went well was that we were able to improvise even though we faced a lot of problems :( For example, Mrs Tan offered us the french aprons to advertise, as well as the extra goodies to sell. Also, we were able to make use of the other power plugs even though there was a power trip.

    And what could be improved was that I could have not poured the water into the fondue ._. (I GET IT OKAY. the power trip after that wasn't my fault we couldn't make the fondue flow -_-) Also, we could have assigned someone to be the CEO because he/she would be able to take better lead.

  15. What went well:
    I feel that the things that work well was the profit and that we can sell our product. We can sell almost all our products (except for the Rebina), and made quite a lot of profit. We also cooperated quite well, everybody came on time and did what they are suppose to.

    What could be improved;
    We could improved on many more points but the main problem is the planning and the need for a back-up plan. We do not have any emergency back up as our main profit comes out from the marshmallow/chocolate fondue and orea crush. Without power, the team seems to be in a panic, until they manage to think out of an alternative power source. Our products, has some sought of problem, as we do not know what brand to buy and end up buying mostly non- halal marshmallow for the chocolate fondue.

  16. 1. What went well for us was the fact that we were able get a profit of at least $100. Everyone was able to come back on time for their own shifts.

    2. What could have went better was that we could have been more prepared for the electric cables. Because we did not have electric cables, we moved up to the second floor to make our oreo crushes.

  17. What went well?
    Overall, I think that we work well and meet our expectation and make a profit. Most people also come punctually for their shift so that we worked well together.

    What could have been improved?
    We should have prepared earlier so that we didn't need to rush everything at the last minute and we can plan everything more effectively .More details can be told to class so that we would not be confuse of what is going on.

  18. What went well: we were able to continue making the oreo crush even when the power was lost.

    What could have been improved: more people should have been told beforehand how to make the oreo crush so it could have been faster.

  19. I thought that we managed to actually overcome the problem of the fondue equipment, however, because of it we also wasted lots of chocolates. Everyone cooperated well as a team, and we managed to "sell" our theme and captivate the attention of students. I thought we did slightly better than I expected, the number of food sold was satisfactory.

    We could have done a better set-up, those who were familiar with the theme / stall, should have been doing it, instead of people who just want to set-up the stall. We should have made precautions to the chocolate fondue machine, as to adding the chocolate and getting it to go. Because of the major setback of the stucked fondue machine, we lost about one hour in terms of selling things regarding the machine, perhaps we could have gained $20-$35 more. If we had more quantity of chocolate and have olive oil (used as lubricant), we could turn the situation around quickly. And the recipe wasn't really well done, milo with oreo seemed something more excitable actually, though it was only found out after the bazaar. Having a variety of drinks would be cool too.

    1. Hi Godfrey,

      Thanks for your comments... Insightful that you brought up these points. I wouldn't have known about these issues. You also mentioned the specific improvements. Nice.

  20. What went well:
    I think the fondue had attracted quite a number of people. Also, everyone did their part for the stall and the stall was never left alone or with very few people. Also, people were very cooperative and helped to advertise our stall.

    What can be improved:
    We should all be clear on how to operate the fondue machine as it choked up. Also, we should always have back-up plans in case there are power trips or machine failure. I think we could have done more pre-advertisements, got a better menu and sell more food, so that we could have attracted more people to our stall. We could also done more advertisements during the bazaar itself.

  21. 1) What went well?
    I think that we managed to make a bigger profit than last year. Also, I think that we have managed to make enough to meet our target profit. It was surprising that the amount of people who bought the fondue and the keychains, which were an unexpected addition to what we were selling. We made good profit from most of our items.
    We also had adequate items to just get us through the bazaar, so very little losses were made.

    2) What could have been improved?
    I think the planning could have been much more detailed. Much of the planning beforehand had a lot of loopholes. For example, the poor preparation of the Oreo Crush idea which was one of our failures. Another example we (again) forgot to bring the satay sticks.. Small details like this were missed out and they affected us during the bazaar.
    Much of the class was not putting effort into planning or maintaining the stall. Publicity could have been more widespread. Finally, doing things on impulse does not contribute