Thursday, 19 January 2012

Summary of I&E Lesson 1, 2 with Assignments

Goals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

1. Active Innovation

2. Living Entrepreneurship

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship curriculum aims to:

a) provide students with the foundational knowledge and understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship;

b) foster in students an innovative spirit whereby they would embrace change;

c) help students understand that innovation is part of the change process towards excellence;

d) inculcate in students an entrepreneurial mindset of seeking and seizing opportunities through change and being resourceful in their endeavours;

e) equip them with the relevant innovation and entrepreneurial skills to practise innovation and entrepreneurship in simulated and authentic contexts.

I3 = I x I x I : Idea / Implement / Improve

Assignment: Kindly post your comments (include your name, please)...

1) Write as 3 key words related to innovation

2) Think and comment about 3 metaphors (include pictures of your objects for your post) to represent innovation. Describe how your metaphor represents innovation.

Think and comment about 3 ground rules conducive for 'Brainstorming'.

4) Think and comment about either
i) 3 lesson venues (outside of the conventional classroom, within SST) or;
ii) 3 classroom table / seating arrangement conducive for discussion and group learning.

Additional Instructions:
  • Nominate yourself / classmate if you are interested to be a I&E Representative for your class.
  • Please invite classmates to be co-authors to this blog.
  • Reminder to submit comments for the previous assignment (Problem Identification).

Date Due: Wed, 25 Jan 2012, 12pm

Wishing all Happy Chinese New Year!

Mr. Patrick Hiap


  1. Kaelan Mikowicz1/22/2012 4:59 pm

    By Kaelan

    1) Creativity, Implementation, Improvement, Change

  2. 3)
    1. Everybody has a say
    2. Do not judge another person's idea
    3. Improve on other people's ideas

  3. 4) i

    1) lecture theater

    2) canteen ? (entrepreneurship)

    3) ADMT studio

  4. Write as 3 key words related to innovation


    Think and comment about 3 metaphors (include pictures of your objects for your post) to represent innovation. Describe how your metaphor represents innovation.

    Metaphor 1: Renovating a house (
    Innovation is about improving old ideas to make them usable in a newer context.

    Metaphor 2: Pencil/Pen (
    These items are used to create and change things, like what innovation is used for.

    Metaphor 3: Lightbulb (
    A lightbulb represents an idea, a main component of innovation.

    Think and comment about 3 ground rules conducive for 'Brainstorming'.
    Everyone must have a say
    Stay on topic
    Do not spend too much time judging ideas

    4) Think and comment about 3 lesson venues outside of the conventional classroom in SST.
    -OurSpace : It provides enough space for a few groups to discuss ideas.
    -Multi-purpose rooms : Have tables arranged in groups so group work is easier
    -ADMT studio : Have empty space, may be used to construct prototypes and do hands-on work

  5. 1) Ideas, Change, Difference

    2) Universe --> Limitless, no boundaries
    Seedling --> Know no boundaries, Never stop growing
    Soil --> Provides the foundation to make ideas sprout

    3) Everyone must have a say
    Stay on the topic
    Improve on other people ideas

    4) Classroom --> Where every people study, learn and share new things
    Lecture hall --> Where everyone share and discuss new ideas
    Learning Oasis --> A large room with table and chairs to discuss.

    1) New, Change, Impact

    2) Universal Key, can be easily applied to other subjects, helpful.
    Lollipops, lollipops make people happy, and innovation can make people happy.
    Sun, brings light to peoples' lives. :D

    3) Ideas must be relevant to subject.
    Everyone has to contribute or improve on the current idea.
    Discussion must never stop!

    4) The pond, I'd like to look at greenery
    Lecture hall, good sound systems and air conditioning
    The fitness corner, many objects to give us inspiration. :D

  7. 1) Modify,Creativity,Useful

    3) -Everyone must be given a chance to share their ideas thoughts opinion.
    -Everyone must be on track discussing about nothing else except what they were told to discuss.
    -We must not interrupt people when they are talking.

    4) Think and comment about either
    i) -Info Hub(Library)-Very nice atmosphere for great learning.
    -OurSpace -Have enough space to study there and may gives us news ideas .
    -Lecture hall-Nice chairs and good environment for learning and for group discussions.

  8. 1) New, sensational, change.

    2) Innovation is like
    - Toilet paper; though it may seem lowly, but it's very useful (
    - Light; it is extremely important (
    - Sleep; it is essential (

    3) 3 ground rules conducive for 'Brainstorming'.
    - It must be relevant
    - Team members must get a chance to share their view
    - We must not criticize others on their ideas

    4) 3 lesson venues conducive for discussion and group learning.
    - The library, it has air-condition and study rooms
    - Ourspace, it has study tables so we can sit in a group
    - Learning Oasis, it has space enough for alot of people

  9. 1) Write 3 key words related to innovation
    - Beneficial
    - Improving
    - Reviewing

    3) Think and comment about 3 ground rules conducive for 'Brainstorming'.
    - No interrupting, or dejecting any ideas.
    - Pay attention and contribute to the discussion at hand.
    - Don't be afraid to share your ideas! (:

    4) Think and comment about 3 lesson venues (outside of the conventional classroom, within SST)
    - Lecture hall: Conducive environment to work in, quiet
    - Info Hub: Because of the large space, and also many objects, not only is it a good place to work in, it can also aid when having to brainstorm~~~
    - Atrium: Very different atmosphere to study in, gives us a wider mind towards studying "outside".

  10. PS: Read the screen name backwards

    - Change
    - Update
    - Improve

    - Catalyst(Picture: Atoms); A catalyst causes change, innovation is change
    - Mustard seed(Picture: Mustard seed); Both start out small, and end up big
    - Blank piece of paper(Picture: Blank piece of paper and a pen/pencil); The paper is empty, It's your choice to write things in it, it's your choice to innovate.

    - No copying others' ideas
    - Everyone must participate
    - Everyone must give feedback on each idea

    4 i.
    - Library/Our space/Learning oasis; there's air conditioning and it's comfortable there, we can think better
    - Near the pond; The place is rather... nature-y-ish and would be a good alternative to the other rooms
    - Science labs/ADMT studio; the items and structures there might give inspiration

    4 ii.
    - Semi-circle clusters arranged in a larger semi-circle facing the teacher; Birds eye view might make it look like the bottom half of a bite mark
    - One giant cushion where we can all sit and face each other, with a table that can be moved to the middle or taken off if not needed
    - Classic circles

  11. 1) Change, Better, Creative
    2) - Innovation is like the life cycle of a butterfly; it changes from something unattractive, to something newer and nicer
    - Just like how the sun helps in the lives of humans in almost every aspect, innovation does the same
    - Innovation is like information, both comes in different ways, and both are new
    3)- Everyone should be focused on the topic
    - Only encouragement, not vice versa
    - Everyone to contribute equally and fairly
    4)i) -Info Hub- Good atmosphere and comfortable for studying
    -Our space- Also like the Info Hub with good atmosphere and adequate space
    -Lecture halls- Seemingly a conducive place for learning and discussions

  12. 1) Improvement, Change, Creativity
    3) Everybody should take part
    - Everybody should be given a chance and have their say
    - Everybody is to give constructive and useful comments only
    i) Info Hub
    Lecture theatre
    Multi-purpose rooms

  13. Change, Improvise,Creative
    -Everyone must take part
    -No interrupting of others
    -Constructive comments.

    -Lecture theatre

  14. 1.)Change, Ideas, Improve

    3.)Take in all opinions with open arms
    Do not shoot down other ideas
    No one should be left out or overpowered by others

    Ourspace: Spacious and comfortable
    Lecture Theatres: Comfy seating plan and work areas
    Info Hub: Various places to learn and relax

  15. 1) Change, Improve, Better.
    2) Innovation is like meeting someone new. It first starts off with the intention to make friends, then acts on trying to make friends with the person, and finally improving the relationship between these two.
    3) Everyone should take part
    - Everyone should be equal
    - Everybody has to be treated fairly and not get cut off when they are speaking
    4) - Info Hub
    - Our space, as it has a good atmosphere
    - The fitness corner, which we can let loose and get insperation

  16. 1)
    - change
    - improvement
    - new

    - everyone must contribute
    - everyone's idea has to be considered
    - everyone has an equal say

    - Our space
    - Lecture theatre
    - Info Hub

  17. 1) Change, Ideas, Improvement
    2) A seed. It may be small but it could be developed into something large.
    A pen. It could be used to write things which may cause change.
    Fuel. It could power machines and vehicles.
    3) There should not be any distractions.
    Members should not interrupt when one is talking.
    Everyone should take part.
    4) Hexagonal tables
    Info Hub
    Our Space

  18. 1. Improvement, Change, Creativity
    2. - Innovation is like a tree where ideas can branch out.
    - Innovation is like a seed where it will start grow into a great idea.
    - innovation is like a door which gives you a good chance to survive in life.
    3. - Everyone should take part.
    - Everyone should have their say.
    - Everyone should encourage each others' ideas.
    4. i) Info Hub
    Our Space
    Lecture Theatre
    ii) U-shape
    2 lines

  19. 1) Inspiration, Creativity, Contemporary

    a. Innovation is like wearing an old clothing in a new and special way.
    b. Innovation is like a soap, that we need to use, but implemented according to the surroundings.
    c. Innovation is like following new trends.

    a. Everyone must say something, not stay quiet.
    b. Everyone should feel free to share anything constructive.
    c. Don't criticize anyone's ideas.

    Info Hub - comfortable environment to study and learn in
    Auditorium - professional looking, clean and tidy
    Indoor Sports Hall - can be used for many different sports, though not simultaneously.