Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Discussion points for I&E lesson (Tues, 10 Jan)

Hello Sec 2-04 / Change Makers,
As discussed during I&E lesson:
Social Innovation summarized: Ideas -> Concepts -> Strategies
(Other steps will be discussed in the following lessons).
Video references: 
  • The Fun Theory
  • http://www.ashoka.org/
Challenge (10 Jan):
Look for a problem in our society / world that you would like to help solve for i) the young (i.e. children below 12 years old), ii) the elderly (those above 65 years old), this problem must lead to some form of social innovation preferably in the form of product innovation (Note: this is different from a charity drive or canvassing for funds).
Once you have found the problem that you would really like to solve, 
i) understand the problem,
ii) express the problem clearly
iii) discuss your proposed solution in your class I&E blog. 
Date Due: Sat, 14 Jan 2012
We will go through the reflections on Tues, 17 Jan 2012.
Thank you.
Mr. Patrick Hiap


  1. One simple and common problem I can think of is recycling. Often people choose to dump their rubbish in normal dustbins rather than go through the trouble of using a recycling bin. Perhaps we should raise awareness of the locations of these special bins, rather than focus on building more of them.
    Adapting what I have learnt from the FUN theory, I propose the recycling bin make a reaction that's loud enough for people around to hear, and be aware of it. And these sounds can be related to the type of material that is being recycled. Such as when someone throws paper away a shredding sound will be made, or when someone throws glass a large shattering sound is made. This way, people not only find it amusing but this can raise awareness as well.

    1. on your own blog Justin, nice example though

    2. i mean post

  2. Problem Identification:

    The problem that I have identified is that the way poles used to dry wet clothes outside HDB flats are placed. They are facing away from the user. Which means that to move them a user has to hold a pole and all its weight outside of the kitchen window. Making this activity tiring and slow. Imagine when it rains and only a young child is left in the house. How is he able to pull the clothes in.

    I propose to arrange these bamboo poles parallel to the HDB flat, on a rack. This way, the user does not need to use as much strength and the risk of the poles dropping is less. During heavy rain. The rack can release the poles making the keeping of clothes much faster.

  3. My idea is a jellybean acts as a immobilizer to enemies. Throwing the jellybean at the person would tazer them for a moment and soon make their skin rot (this is an aesthetic effect to cause distress to the enemy)

    1. Definitely useful, but how to use it for positive purposes? (and avoid misuse...)

  4. Problem Identification:

    The problem that I identified is how difficult it is to remove or erase correction tape once its applied on paper.The tape would have already be attached firmly to the paper and removing it would be a difficult task which might tear the paper.Imagine if a important text or signature was blanked out by correction tape.It would be near impossible to remove.

    I propose that a small tool or a certain liquid should be manufactured that does the same thing as paint thinner but much more compact and clean.

  5. Problem Identification:

    The problem that I have identified is that many Singaporeans do not return their trays after eating in the food court. This requires more work to be done by the cleaners. This is inconsiderate and not fair to the cleaners.

    I propose that the tray return point play a tune every time a tray is returned. There could be 5 different tunes that were each played each time when the tray has been returned. This way, people would be encouraged to return their trays to the tray return point, and some may even clear up for others.

    1. Hi Jerome,

      An simple, elegant and effective solution. How would you go about to make it effective? (e.g. after the novelty wears off, will people still return the trays to the collection point?

  6. One problem I can think of is my hyperactive/easily distracted brother.

    I don't think there is a best effective solution, but one way I have been using is:
    I try to remove all distractions away from him (TV, radio, football, etc.) before he does his homework, so that he can fully concentrate and give his best while doing his work.
    I also go to my room to do my work as I often play music aloud, and he cannot stand the distraction.

    1. Thanks for your input, Jing Yi...

      Each of us have unique learning strengths...e.g. I'm more of a visual learner. Do you have any proposal to help Yan Zheng learn better?

  7. Problem Identification:

    A problem I have identified would be the projector screen and the projector itself. I have realised that projectors aren't found in these classrooms, though students would be able to work better when they can visualise what the teacher has to say. The classes that do have these projectors might also take a very long time to boot up, and also because it is placed very high up, it is quite inconvenient to always have to switch it on. When it is switched on, though, either with a broom stick or anything, it would shake the projector, hence its projection would not be as accurate or in scale. This is all, very inconvenient.

    I propose having a screen, mimicking a television, that is not only able to be connected to a computer to project it, but also very interactive, as many school children work better when they are able to have a hands-on or reactive learning. This way, a student can come up to the front of the classroom and are able to "write" on the screen itself. Also, because it wouldn't be stuck to the ceiling, not only is it very stable, it would also be able to boot up faster.


  8. A common problem is that when it rains, then when people board the bus then the floor becomes very wet and slippery.Perhaps there should be mats to soak up the water so other people do not slip and fall.

  9. Problem identification

    A problem is that people are not recycling as much as they should. Even after many campaigns to educate the public and make the public aware of the importance of recycling, many people still do not take serious action towards the recycling campaign. Many people still use non-recyclable items such as plastic and styrofoam even after efforts are made to use these items less.

    I propose that an effort to further influence people to use recyclable items should be put in place.

  10. Problem Identification

    People always sit on the reserve seat in the MRT despite having needy people standing nearby.(Elderly etcetc...)
    I propose an idea when a person not in need of the seat sits on it a bell will ring to remind that person to give up his seat.This bell can be press by any commuter who thinks there are needy people in need of the seats.By hearing the bell people on the reserve seats will naturally stand up?

  11. One problem that I can think of is:
    when people use umbrellas, there is a chance of them hurting themselves when they try to open the umbrella as they slide the 'lock' across the umbrella to open it up and lock it in place.

    I propose we have a clip of some sort and clip the umbrella up instead of using our hands.

  12. A problem I have identified is that many people nowadays are overweight. This is because they eat unhealthily and thus would be prone to diseases.

    I propose to make eating healthily a fun thing to those overweight by giving them rewards for doing so.

  13. Problem identification

    A problem that i identified is that in the freezer, the ice mold is made of plastic and there is problems trying to make the ice drop out sometimes as plastic is not that flexible.

    I propose that the mold should be made of silicone instead of plastic and it has to be made so that it can withstand the weight of the water.