Friday, 14 September 2012

I&E Posters- Genevieve, Jemima and Brendan

Product: BubbleBonk
Product Description: A refreshing drink 
Tagline: Get refreshed, anytime, anywhere. 

Where: Printed on posters to be placed in bus stops, train stations, outside convenient stores. Also can be printed in newspapers, magazines, flyers (to be given out). 

1 comment:

  1. Hello All,

    The font does not stand out (e.g. different color), therefore making it hard to read (I am using a 30cm reference of a laptop screen-reading distance). This deters the potential customer from reading until the end / wanting to know more about the product.

    The flavor(s) is/are critical to 'hook' the potential customer. It should have been as large, or even larger, than the brand.

    The 'hook line', 'Get Yours Today' was effectively used. Problem: The ads should have information about where to buy the product (e.g. 7-11 stores, website, FB page or QR code, etc.).
    If flyers were a source of publicity or advertising, the above information is critical for the campaign to be successful (refer to the recent SST Charity Bazaar as an example of successful / unsuccessful advertising).

    Possibly both flavors could have been advertised for all posters, thus maximizing the 'returns' for the client advertising the product.