Thursday, 13 September 2012

I&E Poster - Enoch, Godfrey, Isaac

Product: myPEN
Product Description: Pen that writes and stores content in a digital space. 
Tagline: Anytime, anywhere you want it


  1. These posters are like, purely a showcase of technical skills....
    I like it!

  2. Too cryptic, potential customers do not see the whole pen. So the assumption is... a large 'magic' doodleboard, but product says 'MyPEN', with pen in capital letters. So... not enough information...

    Lacks contact information (e.g. website, FB page). Instead of a series or set of 3 images, it ads did not fully show the features of the pen. As Chang Han suggested, the ad space could have been divided into 3 (per poster ad) and each panel could show how the pen records / stores the user's writing movements and then downloads it as a file.

    To confirm my comments: Ask friends / relatives / family about the series of 3 ads what it is trying to sell (without revealing the answer until later).