Sunday, 19 February 2012

Individual Assignment A&B

1. I think that Singapore needs to train the students to be more innovative and more aware of the adult world.
2. Singapore's niche would probably be education and tourism.  Right now, Singapore is already strong in its education and tourism.

1. What is the problem?
The problem is that people are wasting electricity too much.
2. How big is the problem?
The problem is very big because if people keep on wasting energy, the limited amount of fuel will be used up quickly.
3. How will it affect the society if not solved?
Then there would be no more energy left in the future.
4. Why does the problem exist?
It exists because people use more electronic devices and they do not stop using them which uses a lot of energy.
5. What is the root cause?
The root cause is the people who do not want to stop using their electronic devices.

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