Monday, 13 February 2012

Individual assignment A&B

A) Individual Assignment:
Q1. Read this article and comment how Singapore can maintain its edge / niche and remain competitive?
- I think Singapore can be more up-to-date on the technologies released to the public.

Q2. What will be Singapore's niche in 10 years (year 2022) - you will be 24 years old and perhaps just started work...?
- Singapore's niche would probably be the education, technological advances, creativity or something else.

B) Lesson Objectives: Ideation

1. What is the problem?
- Sometimes, people tend to litter or throw their litter outside of a dustbin instead of inside it, probably because the litter fell off and they did not bother to pick it up and throw it away properly.

2. How big is the problem?
It occurs in some places where the dustbin's opening is rather small, or when the dustbin is overflowing. So I'm guessing that the problem is moderate, as it doesn't occur all the time yet still occurs.

3. How will it impact the society if it is not solved?
- It will cause the cleaners and janitors hassle as they would have to pick up the litter from outside as well as inside the dustbin.

4. Why does the problem exist?
- It exists as some people do not want to pick up their litter if they don't drop it into the dustbin because they want to keep their hands clean.

5. What is the root cause?
- The small size of the dustbin, as well as its likeliness to overflow.

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