Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Term 3, Week 9: Advertising

Hello All,

Reminder for all to post up the storyboard for your product.

The timeline for the performance task is updated as follows:
  • Week 8: Complete Storyboard. Post up on class blog for comment by classmate and Mr. Hiap
  • Week 9: Commence print ads (set of 3) or 60-second video.
  • Week 10: Presentation of print / video advertisement during class (each group to upload the advertisement to the class blog prior to the lesson). 
  • 1 week school break
  • Term 4, Week 1: Submission of 'Advertising' Performance Task (Sec 2-02: Tues, Sec 2-08: Wed, Sec 2-04: Thurs). More details about submission later.
Suggestions for advertisements: A good starting point is Apple's advertising campaign for the family of products.

A good advertisement, in my opinion works when it:
1. features the product,
2. 'hooks' or attracts the potential customer to view / read the advertisement,
3. turns the potential customer into a real customer


1. The ad must include the disclaimer, the company name, the product name and features.

2. Print / video (visual and audio) must be clear.
3. For print ads, state the size and where the ad will be displayed (e.g. full page ad in newspaper, bus stop.

Upon submission of the performance task, group members will also appraise their members based on:
1. Task Focus, 2. Listening and Discussion, 3. Dependability.

Do let me know if there are any queries.

Mr. Patrick Hiap

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