Saturday, 18 August 2012

I&E Performance Task Instructions

Hi 204. 

For the I&E Performance Task, here are some instructions:
1) For those doing a video as an advertisement, please do a storyboard draft
2) For those doing posters for advertisement, please have 3 sets of poster drafts

The drafts are for Mr Hiap to have an idea of what you are doing and to see if anything needs to be amended. 

Here are also the slides from last lesson for your reference:

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  1. Thank you, Enoch.

    Everyone, do keep in mind that you will having your Level Test this week. This Thursday's lesson will be conducted at I&E Room and it is meant for me to review each group's storyboard (whether it is printed ad or video ad).

    The storyboard should have a sequence to attract the viewer.

    Do let me know when you will are going to complete your video or print ad (on Thursday's lesson).

    Mr. Hiap